Bedford County Pink Ribbon Fund Announces Support Group

They stood in the storm, and when the winds came, they shifted their sails.

From the inception of the Bedford County Pink Ribbon Fund, organizers have dreamed of bringing a support group to Bedford in support of breast cancer patients.  We are pleased to announce that a peer-led support group has begun meeting monthly in 2020.

Please note - Support Group Meetings may be altered due to the Covid-19 pandemic, including usage of zoom, etc.  Please contact Cindy Speck for the latest information:

 Updates will be provided on Facebook and through the Bedford Gazette.  Thank you for your understanding.

The Bedford County Pink Ribbon Fund hopes that support group meetings will allow those dealing with the challenges of breast cancer to hear from speakers with valuable knowledge to share concerning relevant topics.  Attendees will be invited to share their experiences and feelings for their own benefit and that of fellow attendees.  Refreshments will be provided for in-person meetings.

Meetings are held monthly via Zoom:

Last Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m

Email Cindy Speck at for the link

Our next meeting will be:  postponed due to COVID numbers

Our guest speaker for October was Scott Weyant, MOT. 

Click here to read the information on lymphedema reported by Scott. 


Please Note the Support Group Ground Rules:


This is a mutual self-help group, not a therapy group. Hopefully, this group will provide emotional, psychological, and moral support for its members. Each of us is encouraged to participate to whatever extent we feel comfortable. The following ground rules facilitate the development of trust in the group and enable us to share our thoughts and feelings with each other.


  • Because confidentiality is essential, we expect that each person will respect and maintain the confidentiality of the group. What is said in the group stays in the group.

  • We are here to share our own feelings and experiences; we try not to give advice.

  • We each share the responsibility for making this group work.

  • We try to accept people, just as they are, and we avoid making judgments.

  • We try to give everyone an opportunity to share.

  • We have the right to speak and the right to remain silent.

  • We give supportive attention to the person who is speaking and avoid side conversations.

  • We avoid interrupting. If we do break in, we return the conversation to the person who was speaking.

  • We have the right to ask questions and the right to decline to answer.

  • We try to be aware of our own feelings and talk about what is present to us now, rather than what life was like for us in the past.

  • We do not discuss group members who are not present.

  • We begin and end our meetings on time.


Note: Even though our goal is to support each person, this particular group may not meet your needs. Before deciding this group is not for you, however, we hope you will attend at least two meetings.


These Guidelines Credited to: Peer Support Group Facilitator Training – Student Manual, Copyright © 1988 Sharon Mahre.

For more information, please contact Cindy Speck:

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